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Programming Languages

A programming language is a formal constructed language designed to communicate instructions to a machine, particularly a computer.

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Hiring Partners

We don't teach you just to code, we teach you to be a software engineer. Our alums have gone on to work with great companies.

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Full-Service Bootcamp Model



The Ignition program ensures Launchers are ready to hit the ground running when they arrive on campus. Launchers & Experience Engineers work together virtually to solidify fundamental programming skills.


10 Weeks

An immersive learning experience focused on building real products. Launchers work collaboratively with their peers as well as our experienced engineers.

Career Kickoff

2 Days

Launchers show off what they built during bootcamp and have the opportunity to rub elbows with our network of awesome companies on the lookout for great talent.

Post-Grad Support

6 Months

Graduates will continue to have unrestricted access to our learning management system, advanced skill-building projects, code reviews with our engineering team, and career guidance.

Alumni Membership


Alumni are always welcome at Launch Academy. They’ll have exclusive access to networking & career development events, and many return as guest speakers, recruiters, or simply to have a beer with us!


You'll start your coding journey with an 8-week, online, part time training program we call Ignition. By completing a series of readings, videos, and exercises with the help of your peers and Experience Engineers, you'll learn the foundations of Ruby and Javascript - even if you've never written code before!

Career Development

Become a developer at your own pace. Get unblocked with help from our staff to get back to learning.

Guest Speakers

Company founders, directors of engineering, and community leaders visit every week and talk with Launchers about what it’s like to work in the industry.

Portfolio Review

We apply an intense polish to your resume, personal profile, social media profile, and programming portfolio.

Mock Interviews

A series of mock interviews conducted in the final weeks of the program prepare you to put your best foot forward at Career Kickoff.

Career Kickoff

The companies come to you! Show off what you built at Launch, network with hiring partners, and explore the amazing opportunities that lie ahead.

Post-Grad Support

Every student receives post-grad support, which includes continual access to our learning management system, office hours with Experience Engineers, and career guidance.

Tuition: $15,500 - $17,500

That’s some serious money. We think you should be able to learn to code regardless of your financial status and, since most people don’t have $15,500 - $17,500 lying around, we’ve teamed up with Skillsfund to give you more flexible financing options. By working directly with this partner, you can start Launch Academy for as little as $1,000 up front and finance the rest of your tuition over time.


Deposit $1,000

Save money and avoid interest charges by paying the balance of your entire tuition 5 weeks before you arrive at Launch Academy.

Skillsfund cc09a72bb033d73e5f2ef13264cdf29426cf54ff9739ded8645ccb95ae221784

Deposit $1,000

36- and 60-month payment terms with interest-only or deferrment options while you're in school. Interest rates from 8% to 10%, depending on the selected financing terms.

Learn more


Moving to Boston for the on-campus program might seem like a big hurdle, but it doesn’t have to be. Find out more about our recommended housing options here.

More Information

We're here to help

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    What makes Launch Academy different from other similar programs?

    We care. Honestly. Our core principles can be distilled into a single goal: we want to help you be the absolute best person you can be. We teach at a higher level than other bootcamps, and our graduates are a step (or five) ahead of their peers in other programs. We value long-term success over short-term gains, and we pledge to stick with you and provide ongoing support for every one of our graduates. All Launchers, from those that graduated from our first cohort in the summer of 2013 to the ones on campus right now, are encouraged to reach out to us for support. Hiring rates are important (and we’ve got some of the best in the business) but we consider them to be vanity metrics. Instead, we judge our success on the successes of our graduates in their new positions.

    We are really proud of our challenge-based curriculum, full-time staff, post-grad support program, and collaborative learning environment. As far as our full-time staff goes, we’re excited to be able to offer our participants a 7:1 student to instructor ratio, meaning more specialized time for our unique, individual students. Our curriculum is 100% challenge-based and we introduce our students to concepts the night before they’ll learn it from the instructors. A challenge-based curriculum allows you to take concepts that you’ve been introduced to and learn more about their practical use through coding challenges; i.e. learning through doing. We also teach Test-Driven Development (TDD), something that not a lot of other bootcamps do. Using TDD as a learning tool allows you to gain focus and clarity on what you want your programs to do before you write a line of code.

    We provide our students with a cohesive learning experience via our full-time staff, inclusive of post-grad support and job placement assistance. Our Director of Talent spends a great deal of time with each of our students, learning their interests and backgrounds, what they love to do and how they want to apply that to their career after Launch. Our Director of Talent’s research, legwork, and connections in the industry put our students in a great position to get hired right after graduation. We have a 96% average placement rate - a combination of fantastic students and a Director of Talent determined to find students the jobs and companies that are the best fit for them.

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    Is this the same thing as school but for coding?

    No, and we just shuddered thinking about that. That would be very unproductive. You’re going to get your hands dirty (metaphorically) and build stuff--real stuff that you may even decide to take with you when you leave. You'll learn by doing, you’ll make mistakes, and then you’ll learn even more when you fix ‘em. Your instructors, mentors and fellow students will help you along the way. We'll throw new challenges at you each and every day and the second you feel comfortable, we'll change it up and knock you off balance again.

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    How does your tuition cost and value compare to other bootcamps?

    We know we’re not the least expensive option out there, but being the cheapest isn’t our goal. Instead, our goal is to give you the best possible learning outcome. We promise you’ll get world-class instruction, mentorship, and career support in an atmosphere that elevates everybody. We’re guided by a genuine interest in helping people be the best they can be.

    We’ve been teaching for longer than most, and we focus on continuously refining and improving our curriculum every day. We don’t have to answer to the short-term profit motives of venture capital investors like some of the larger bootcamps, and because of that we can afford to give you the personal attention and long-term support that they can’t.

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    What is the student/teacher ratio?

    This varies from semester to semester a little. On average we strive for a 7:1 student to teacher ratio.

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    What should I know going into the interview?

    We don’t make admissions decisions based on how much code you know before you apply. Here’s the deal: a technical background is great for those who have it, but it’s far from essential. We want someone who is comfortable learning through experimentation—someone who is gung-ho about problem solving and ready to jump into a group with a mind for collaborative learning. You don’t need to be a Ruby or Javascript expert—that's what we're here for. Just be ready to use your brain.

    You can find more detail on the interview process here.

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