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Student to Instructor Ratio

We believe that learning velocity is highly correlated to a students access to instructors. Our boutique approach provides exceptional student-to-teacher ratios of 1 Experience Engineer for every 7 Launchers.

What Alumni Have to Say

  • Jeff li

    Jeff Li

    Software Developer @ HZDG

    Launch Academy is a very intense and hardcore immersive learning experience. The fact that the students have a working deployed app after 10 weeks as well as a plethora of completed coding challenges and projects says alot about the efficiency of Launch Academy.

  • Lorrayne rocha

    Lorry Rocha

    Software Developer @ Fiksu

    I've never before had a more productive period in my life. If you're really dedicated to changing your life & you know you love to code, I can't think of a better experience. I've never learned so much in my life. The experienced engineer team was brilliant and knowledgeable. I now have over 600 hours of coding under my belt & the confidence to call myself a top-notch Junior Web Developer.

  • Dave poirier

    Dave Poirier

    Software Developer @ Bidding for Good

    I had a great experience. I learned more than I expected, worked with an incredible group of people and had a blast developing cool things for ten weeks. Upon completion of the course, we had initial interviews with approx. 30 companies. I had several follow up interviews and I accepted an incredible position as a Rails Developer within two weeks of graduation.

  • Mo zhu

    Mo Zhu

    Software Developer @ 3Play Media

    I highly recommend Launch Academy to anyone who is thinking about switching to software development. Launch Academy found a great formula for bootcamp success. The instructors are friendly and patient, the students they admit are all motivated and willing to help each other out.

  • Steph viccari

    Stephanie Viccari

    Software Developer @ MeYou Health

    To put it simply, the dedicated staff @ Launch Academy expedited my goal of becoming a web developer. I had toyed with the idea of going back to school for an MBA but due to my former college education, I had become distrustful of "higher education" and it's generic degrees. I took a chance on Launch Academy & they never let me down. I recommend this program to anyone looking to enhance their skills or change careers.

Full-Service Bootcamp Model

  • Complete collaborative virtual learning, which we call Ignition, with fellow Launchers & Experience Engineers which solidifies fundamental programming skills.
  • An immersive learning experience based upon practical knowledge in a collaborative environment with peers and experienced developers building real products.
  • Introducing Launchers to talent-seeking companies in an efficient and supportive setting with the intent to create new relationships and foster future opportunities.
  • Launchers continue to have access to our learning management system, Apollo, receive career guidance, Breakable Toy reviews, and additional projects to advance skills.
  • Alumni helping current Launchers through guest speaking opportunities, submitting Breakable Toy concepts, participating in networking events, and providing peer code review.

What Our Hiring Partners Are Saying

  • Well done, once again. Tremendous group!

    Ryan Grimard, AdHarmonics
    Ad harmonics
  • We are seriously impressed!

    Stefan Mitropolitsky & Joe Boerjes, Smartleaf
  • Awesome program. A great way to meet a wave of good, smart, Rails developers.

    Mike Isman, Ubersense
  • Wonderful! A great way to meet some entry level developers!

    Jen Paxton, Fiksu
  • Great. Excellent students, very engaged.

    Brendan Murphy, Constant Contact
    Constant contact
  • Love it. We need the talent.

    David Block, Backupify
  • The Launchers are much further along than I expected. I feel much better about hiring a junior dev out of this program than from a recruiter.

    Tom Cocca, Boston Logic
    Boston logic
  • You guys have done a great job with the program. Great culture and output.

    Scott Segal & Galen Sanford, Crowdly
  • Met several great people today. Much better use of time than searching LinkedIn.

    Adam Buggia, Localytics
  • It is a great concept, I like it.

    Abdullah Daoud, Digital Bungalow
  • Really awesome contribution to the community and a great way to help these amazing people move forward and develop careers.

    Brian Del Vecchio, Digital Lumens
  • The energy is great. The skills people are learning and exposure to Github and rails will help them transition.

    Russell Schwager, Jumptap
  • I think it's a great program - impressed with the group of students we met today.

    Meg Broughton, Vermonster
  • What a fabulous and efficient methodology! Not only were you able to capture quantity, but also quality!

    Jessica Kang, Intronis
  • The lessons and ideas are great. Students are inspired to web development area.

    Yolanda Li, Kayak
  • It is great. The process is really helpful exposing companies to talented junior engineers.

    Trapper Markelz, MeYou Health
    Me you health

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