Creating World Class Software Developers


Learn by Doing

Practical knowledge gained via guided instruction and coding challenges is employed into workshop projects and Breakable Toys.  Build and demo real products with fellow Launchers, Experience Engineers, Hiring Companies, and the technology community.


Practical Knowledge

On average, the curriculum at a traditional CS degree program is comprised of 90% theoretical and 10% practical knowledge.  We focus on those practical concepts which serves to provide the skills required to add immediate value as an effective software developer.



Gone are the days of coding 'rockstars and ninjas'.  Today's leading technology and software companies seek dynamic developers who can collaborate within a team setting to solve complex problems. Launchers gain collaborative skills via pair programming and team oriented projects.

Full-Service Bootcamp Model

  • Complete 80-120 hours of collaborative virtual learning with fellow Launchers & Experience Engineers solidifying fundamental programming skills.
  • An immersive learning experience based upon practical knowledge in a collaborative environment with peers and experienced developers building real products.
  • Introducing Launchers to talent-seeking companies in an efficient and supportive setting with the intent to create new relationships and foster future opportunities.
  • Launchers continue to have access to our learning management system, Apollo, receive career guidance, Breakable Toy reviews, and additional projects to advance skills.
  • Alumni helping current Launchers through guest speaking opportunities, submitting Breakable Toy concepts, participating in networking events, and providing peer code review.
  • Well done, once again. Tremendous group!

    Ryan Grimard, AdHarmonics
  • We are seriously impressed!

    Stefan Mitropolitsky & Joe Boerjes, Smartleaf
  • Awesome program. A great way to meet a wave of good, smart, Rails developers.

    Mike Isman, Ubersense
  • Wonderful! A great way to meet some entry level developers!

    Jen Paxton, Fiksu
  • Great. Excellent students, very engaged.

    Brendan Murphy, Constant Contact
  • Love it. We need the talent.

    David Block, Backupify
  • The Launchers are much further along than I expected. I feel much better about hiring a junior dev out of this program than from a recruiter.

    Tom Cocca, Boston Logic
  • You guys have done a great job with the program. Great culture and output.

    Scott Segal & Galen Sanford, Crowdly
  • Met several great people today. Much better use of time than searching LinkedIn.

    Adam Buggia, Localytics
  • It is a great concept, I like it.

    Abdullah Daoud, Digital Bungalow
  • Really awesome contribution to the community and a great way to help these amazing people move forward and develop careers.

    Brian Del Vecchio, Digital Lumens
  • The energy is great. The skills people are learning and exposure to Github and rails will help them transition.

    Russell Schwager, Jumptap
  • I think it's a great program - impressed with the group of students we met today.

    Meg Broughton, Vermonster
  • What a fabulous and efficient methodology! Not only were you able to capture quantity, but also quality!

    Jessica Kang, Intronis
  • The lessons and ideas are great. Students are inspired to web development area.

    Yolanda Li, Kayak
  • It is great. The process is really helpful exposing companies to talented junior engineers.

    Trapper Markelz, MeYou Health